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ArgoUML is an open-source UML-Tool, written in Java and compliant with the UML 1.3 standard. The version 0.7 has been downloaded more than 38.000 times. An active group of open-source developers has been working hard on further improvements. Now, we are glad to let you know that version 0.8 of ArgoUML has been released!
Following, you can find a list of some new features of ArgoUML:
  • UML 1.3 compliant!
  • XMI 1.0 for UML 1.3 supported!
  • New diagram types (object, component, deployment) included!
  • New graph formats ps, eps and svg for exporting diagrams!
  • OCL syntax and type checking!
  • Model storing in JDBC-enabled database!

UML 1.3 compliance

The greatest achievement of this new release is its compliance with the OMG Standard for UML in its latest version 1.3. The code for the internal representation of an UML model is completely generated from the specification and, thus, follows it very closely. To achieve this, a special metamodel library (NSUML) was developed by Novosofts and made available under LGPL. This makes ArgoUML extremely flexible, new versions of the UML standard can be adopted within days. Some advanced features of UML are not yet available in the diagrams, but the foundation to completely fulfill all of UML is laid.

XMI support

XMI is an XML based exchange format between UML tools. ArgoUML uses this as standard saving mechanism so that easy interchange with other tools and compliance with open standards are secured. XMI version 1.0 for UML 1.3 is used. To convert older models in XMI (Argo 0.7 used XMI 1.0 for UML1.1) to the latest version, Meta Integration provides a free key to their Model Bridge. This also permits you to convert Rational Rose models to ArgoUML! This currently only includes model information, but no graphical information (like layout of diagrams).

New diagram types

ArgoUML now includes all diagram types, except one. The new version makes object diagrams, component diagrams and deployment diagrams available. Sequence diagrams will be supported in the next release. The user interface to all diagram editors is very handy and intuitive. The usage of ArgoUML is easy to learn and allows you to draw your diagrams at high speed. ArgoUML also has a cognitive support, informing you about errors in your design while you are drawing it in a decent and gentle way. It also makes proposals on improving your design.

Exporting Diagrams

Diagrams can now be exported to gif, PostScript, eps, PGML and svg. The standard saving format for diagrams is still PGML, but it will be changed to the upcoming standard for Scalable Vector Graphics (svg) of the W3C consortium.

OCL support

As the first UML-Tool at all ArgoUML provides full OCL syntax and type checking. This is based on an OCL-Compiler developed at the Technical University of Dresden. It also is able to generate Java-code from OCL-Constraints.

Database support

Model information for static structure and use case diagrams can now be stored to a mySQL database. The adaption to any other JDBC capable database should be easy by adjusting the DB-scheme, since ArgoUML contains clean JDBC code. Graphical information is not supported yet.

What's missing?

Only one diagram type is still not yet implemented: sequence diagrams. Their development is sponsored by Collab.net in a SourceXChange project and will be available in the next release.

How to get in touch

ArgoUML is developed by a large worldwide community which has its home site and mailing lists at www.ArgoUML.org, hosted by Tirgis, which is a home for open source development tools. Should you want to make a contribution to it, just contact the developer's mailing list.

How to get it installed

All necessary files as well as source code can be downloaded from www.ArgoUML.org. ArgoUML 0.8 requires Java 2 (JRE 1.2). JRE 1.1 is no longer supported, JRE 1.3 will be soon. Having all necessary jar-files stored in one directory, you can start ArgoUML by just typing "java -jar argouml08.jar".
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The latest version 0.8 of the free UML-tool ArgoUML is now available.
New features:
  • corresponds to UML 1.3
  • supports XMI
  • new diagram-types
  • OCL-support
Further information can be obtained from a press release.
ArgoUML is available for download cost-free and with source code at www.argouml.org.
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