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Poseidon for UML

Poseidon for UML is a feature rich UML modeling tool. It is delivered in different editions that range from free of charge to high end. All of them will help improve your productivity and even the free version is a highly usefull tool. It evolved from an open source project, hence we can offer a free base version. And we have developed powerfull extensions that increase your productivity and add real value.

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Poseidon for UML Community Edition is offered free of charge. However, it is not restricted in any way, you may use it for any purpose and in any number. It is also not restricted in its features. It contains all UML diagrams and all implemented diagram elements. You can save and load projects, generate Java code, reverse engineer from Java code and much more. It offers everything ArgoUML offers plus some extra features like undo/redo, drag-and-drop, copy/cut/paste and a better stability.

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Poseidon for UML Standard Edition extends the Community Edition with an additional plug-in mechanism. These plug-ins can turn this modeling tool into your high productivity tool. Plug-ins range from code and documentation generators over im- and export filters to metric and valitation tools. See plug-ins for details. And we supply email support for this edition.

The Standard Edition is offered at a special price of 149,- Euro until Dec. 31st 2001.

Poseidon for UML Developer Edition gives you as programmer full access to Poseidon's code generation technology. The code generation is based on a template mechanism and with this edition you can edit these templates and access the Java API. Develop your own code generator and maximise your productivity. This Edition is sceduled for end of 2001 at the price of 399,- Euro.

Poseidon for UML Professional Edition is a is the high end version of Poseidon. It combines plug-ins and integrates them to a professional productivity tool. It is sceduled for Q2 2002.

Poseidon for UML Enterprise Edition combines team support and distributed development with the power of the Professional Edition. It is sceduled for Q4 2002 but you can speed up its development by buying our current versions.

Plug-ins for Poseidon for UML

To extend the functionality of Poseidon for UML, a number of plug-ins are available. To load these plug-ins the Standard Edition (or higher) is required. New plug-ins will be released about monthly.

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The JAR-Import-Plug-in supports reverse-engineering and importing JAR-archives into an existing model in Poseidon for UML. This helps to use and extend existing packages or frameworks in your own models or to browse and learn existing APIs.
For a limited time this plug-in is free of charge.

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The Statechart-to-Java-Plug-in supports sophisticated generation of Java code from state diagrams. Just draw your state diagram, then just click a button and watch your diagram execute.
For a limited time this plug-in is free of charge.

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The OCL-to-Java-Plug-in supports sophisticated generation of Java code from OCL constraints. Define your business rules in OCL, press a button and check your constraints in your running application.
For a limited time this plug-in is free of charge.

The UMLdoc plug-in generates HTML documentation files in a similar way as JavaDoc. But it includes your UML diagrams as gif-images as well as improved naviation.

This plug-in is scheduled for December 2001. For a limited time this plug-in will be free of charge.

With the Round-trip UML/Java plug-in you can generate Java code from your UML model, edit your code, reverse-engineer your code and synchronize with the model. This is especially interesting with our tight integration in an IDE like Forte. Modeling and coding are not separated anymore.

This plug-in is scheduled for January 2002. For a limited time this plug-in will be free of charge.

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Final 1.0 released
On November 7th, Gentleware announced the availability of the final 1.0 version of Poseidon for UML. It is delivered in two editions, Standard and Community Edition. "After 30.000 downloads of our beta versions", CEO Marko Boger said, "we are now ready for prime time."
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