Poseidon for UML

UML simplifies software development

The Unified Modeling Language was designed to reduce the complexity of software system design.  Language and process specific notation has been replaced with a universal visual notation that facilitates communication within all levels of development from business analysts with limited programming knowledge all the way to senior software architects.

Skip the learning curve and "just model" with Poseidon

Don't lose the advantage of clarity and simplicity to an overly complicated tool - the Poseidon for UML software line lets you get down to work without entanglements in your development environment.  Powerful features such as round trip engineering and documentation generation have been intelligently implemented without the overhead common to so many other UML tools on the market today.

Truly intuitive

Nearly every UML tool producer claims to have an "intuitive interface", but only Poseidon for UML incorporates inherently simple functionality.  See for yourself and try Poseidon for UML today.


The Community Edition is the low-barrier entry to the world of UML. Itīs the most affordable way to benefit from the advantages of the Poseidon for UML product line. Great for teaching yourself the Unified Modeling Language.

The Standard Edition is the optimal choice for the professional analyst. It includes all features of the Community Edition plus capabilities like reverse engineering for Java, UMLdoc generation, and plug-in extensions.

The Professional Edition is designed to meet the needs of the professional software developer. An outstandingly flexible code generation mechanism has been bundled with a complete set of productivity features including roundtrip engineering, JAR import, and integration into the Eclipse IDE.

The Embedded Edition is specifically designed for embedded systems development. Optimized code generation for ANSI C and C++ and the advanced team collaboration capabilities of the Enterprise Edition have been combined with most of the Professional Edition features. A unique code generator fulfills the demands of embedded systems by addressing concerns such as memory resource and performance issues. Additionally, automatic code generation for UML state and class diagrams is supported.

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See screenshots of our example model 'StattAuto', also included in every Poseidon for UML distribution.

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