Poseidon for UML is a popular, fully-fledged UML CASE-Tool. It evolved from the open-source project ArgoUML and has turned it into a world class modeling tool. Today, it has the fastest growing user community and is famous for its superior usability. Poseidon for UML is delivered in several editions to meet the needs of different users.
Community Edition 2.0   Upgrades
The Community Edition is the base version. Offered free of charge, it is the zero-barrier entry to the world of UML for the individual software developer as well as for large organizations. It makes learning and using UML a snap and enables the cost-effective exchange of models.
  • Version upgrade 2.0:
    • UML 2.0 Standard Saving Format
    • New Look and Feel
    • Undo and Redo
    • Enhanced Graphics Rendering
  • Edition upgrades
Standard Edition 2.0   Learn more...
The Standard Edition is the extendable base tool for the professional at an unbeaten price. It comes with all features of the Community Edition plus capabilities like reverse engineering, undo/redo, printing, drag-and-drop to Windows and UMLdoc.
*) Special Offer until Sep 30th, 2003, regular price 199,–
Learn more about Poseidon's capabilities
Professional Edition 2.0   Edition Comparison
The Professional Edition is the high-end version of Poseidon for UML. To meet the needs of the professional software developer, we have bundled the worlds most flexible code generation mechanism with a set of productivity features including includes round-trip engineering, JAR import, and HTML documentation generation. One of the most valuable features of Poseidon for UML is its code generation technology, and the Professional Edition gives you complete access to it.
*) Special Offer until Sep 30th, 2003, regular price 699,–
To get a quick overview of the features of the different editions have a look here.

Embedded Edition 1.6   Documentation
The Embedded Edition has been uniquely designed for embedded systems development. In order to meet the needs of embedded systems developers, this version bundles the standard features (including UMLdoc and MDLImport plug-ins) and an optimized code generation component for ANSI C and C++ into a single package. The code generator has been specially designed to fit the criteria of embedded systems for memory resources and performance issues and supports UML class and state diagrams.
For existing and potential Poseidon users - those who want to have a detailed view on all the functionality.

Enterprise Edition 2.0   Plugins
In the Enterprise Edition you will find:
  • Team support
  • Version control,
  • Multi-user support,
  • Client-server architecture,
and much more that you might need for model-driven software engineering in larger teams. It supports multi-model editing and scales to high volume models.
To extend the functionality of Poseidon for UML, a number of plug-ins are available. To load these plug-ins the Standard Edition is required.