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This is the download area for Poseidon for UML Community Edition. The Community Edition can be downloaded free of charge. We tried to make download and installation as easy as possible.

There is also a download area for the Standard Edition

There are three possibilities to install and use Poseidon for UML.

Choose one of the following installation options:

A Local installation:

If you want to locally install Poseidon for UML Community Edition on your computer, you have to download a compressed archive (ZIP-file) and unpack it to the directory where you want the program to reside.

    Download Community Edition


For running Poseidon for UML Community Edition, you need a Java 2 Standard Edition compliant Java Environment installed on your computer. You can download one for free from Sun's Java website.


B Module for the "NetBeans IDE" and "Forte for Java"

For integrating Poseidon for UML Community Edition into Forte for Java (version 3.0 or higher) or NetBeans (version 3.2 or higher), you have to download the compressed archive (ZIP format) first and unpack it to the directory where you want the program to reside.

    Download Community Edition


You will need to have either NetBeans IDE or Forte for Java installed on your computer to make this work.

NetBeans is free software that can be downloaded from NetBeans.org.

Forte for Java is an IDE from Sun, information is available on the website http://www.sun.com/forte/ffj


C Launch with Java Web Start:
Java Web Start enables you to start Poseidon for UML with a single click from your web browser, without going through time-consuming and complicated installation procedures. When starting the application, WebStart will check if newer versions of the software are available and download them for you, so that you are always working with the latest updates.
Installation procedure:
  1. Download and install Java Web Start.
  2. Launch Poseidon for UML (just click here!)!
  3. That's all!

You will need to download and install Java Web Start from Sun Microsystems before you can use Poseidon for UML with this technique.

Get Java Web Start now!

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Poseidon for UML Community Edition
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Final 1.0 released
On November 7th, Gentleware announced the availability of the final 1.0 version of Poseidon for UML. It is delivered in two editions, Standard and Community Edition. "After 30.000 downloads of our beta versions", CEO Marko Boger said, "we are now ready for prime time."
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