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Poseidon for UML Community Edition

The Community Editon is the base version of Poseidon for UML and is offered for free. It was first released to the public in June 2001 at the JavaOne in San Francisco. A large community of critical users has helped to improve it and to bring it to a reliable and well tested state.

The Community Edition is offered free of charge and has the following features:

  • fully implemented in Java, platform independent
  • all 9 diagrams of the UML supported,
  • compliant to the UML 1.4 standard,
  • XMI supported as standard saving format,
  • runs under Java 1.4,
  • diagram export as gif, ps, eps, svg, jpeg and png,
  • undo/redo (can be turned on in options),
  • copy/cut/paste within the tool,
  • drag and drop within the tool,
  • zooming and bird's eye view of the diagrams,
  • internationalization and localization for English, German, French and Spanish,
  • code generation for Java,
  • sophisticated support of OCL,
  • reverse engineering from Java sources,
  • auto-layout of reverse engineered diagrams,
  • cognitive support, critique mechanism (by default turned off),
  • simple install and update with JavaWebStart.

Poseidon for UML Community Edition is available FREE of CHARGE!

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