Extreme Modeling



  • ArgoUML
    ArgoUML is an OpenSource UML-CASE-tool that is available cost free. Gentleware is actively involved in the development of ArgoUML.
  • ArgoMML
    ArgoMML is a tool for the modeling of metamodels which is developed in cooperation with the pUML-group.
  • Extreme Modeling
    Extreme Modeling is a development method which takes into consideration Extreme Programming and combines it with the expression of UML.
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The latest version 0.8 of the free UML-tool ArgoUML is now available.
New features:
  • corresponds to UML 1.3
  • supports XMI
  • new diagram-types
  • OCL-support
Further information can be obtained from a press release.
ArgoUML is available for download cost-free and with source code at www.argouml.org.
Conference: Mod2001 28th - 30th March 2001
Further information can be obtained under Mod2001.
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