Managed Outsourcing

Many companies today choose software development outsourcing in order to cut costs and to use the know-how of the outsourcing partner. Some companies fear to take this path, because of such risk factors as communication problems, mentality and time difference. This is the reason why Gentleware has chosen the business model of managed nearshore. "Managed" means all the communication and project management are provided by Gentleware Germany and the actual software development is carried out by Gentleware Ukraine. Our successful cooperation has been lasting for more than 5 years and resulted in numerous advantageous projects and products, such as Poseidon for UML and Apollo for Eclipse.  

We provide the following outsourcing services:

  • software development outsourcing
  • modeling (software & process modeling)
  • distributed enterprise app development
  • web development and desktop application development
  • software integration
  • data transformation
  • performance optimization
  • IT consulting services
  • quality assurance
  • sales, marketing, support for IT products
  • content management & SEO

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 managed outsourcing