Getting Started with Apollo for Eclipse

Choose an installation method.

There are several ways to install Apollo for Eclipse.  The easiest is to use the stand-alone Rich Client Platform.  Simply download it, unzip it, and run it.

Apollo for Eclipse is also an extension for Eclipse.  There are three different ways to install it as an extension - please consult the Installation Guide for more details.

Run Apollo for Eclipse.

Apollo for Eclipse is ready to go as soon as you install it.  The cost-free version does not require any sort of license or registration in order to use it and it is not limited by time, number of starts, or number of diagrams.  The free version has most of the functionality of the licensed version - only the export features are not included.

When you want to export, rent a license.

This step is optional; only users who would like to use the export options like printing and saving need a license.

Licenses are available for a set rental period or on an automatically renewing basis.  Please see our information page for more details about conditions and prices.

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