Introduction to UML and OO - Multimedia Course

Gentleware has teamed with UK-based Synergy Learning to produce a multimedia course for secondary and higher educational uses.  Aimed at beginners, the course titled "Introduction to Object-Oriented Modeling and UML" explains object orientation and the corresponding UML.

Learn as You Like

The topics are presented in a variety of formats so that you can choose the best combination for your learning style.  Listen to the podcast on your way to work, then watch a few videos or give the self-assesment tasks a try.  Visual learners may prefer to read the PDFs first.  It's completely up to you.

The course is provided completely free of charge; give it a try today.

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Advanced Topics

Gentleware and Synergy Learning are in the planning stages for more advanced courses, designed specifically for various user roles.  More announcements will be forthcoming, so keep watching.

Poseidon Tutorials

Tutorial Viewlets

The flash product viewlets demonstrate a variety of the features and functions of Poseidon for UML. Among other topics, see how to create classes in several ways, install a plug-in, or navigate the Poseidon interface.
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Embedded Edition Tutorial

Follow the Embedded Edition tutorial through the modelling process with a hi-fi stereo system. (Note: this tutorial was written for the Embedded Edition, but this edition has been succeeded by the Embedded Enterprise Edition.) 33 pages.
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New tutorials are currently being developed - keep watching for new topics.

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