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About the Professional Edition

The Professional Edition is designed for professional programmers whose primary functions are to write, test, and maintain code.  Important features like UMLdoc for HTML and Word 2003, roundtrip engineering, integration into the Eclipse IDE, and sophisticated code generation in a variety of languages help you accelerate the development process.

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Flexible Code Generation

Programmers concentrate on writing the unique parts of the program, because Poseidon automates various pieces of the program being built.  This also yields more reliable and consistent programs and increases programmers’ productivity by eliminating some routine steps.

The code generation mechanism is based on a template technology where the template defines the syntax of the outcome, which can be Java or a number of other lanugages.  The Professional Edition gives the developer access to the API and to the templates so that, even at runtime, the templates can be changed and edited to configure the outcome of the code generation.

Roundtrip Engineering for Java

Change the generated code or redesign the model without losing consistency between the two.   Sophisticated roundtrip engineering for Java reads in existing Java code and generates a UML model for it.  Any changes made to the code outside of Poseidon can be continuously synchronized with the model.  JAR import functionality means you can also read in existing libraries and use these in your models.

Eclipse Integration

Running Poseidon for UML within the Eclipse IDE provides the best of two worlds - the ease of Poseidon and the power of Eclipse. Changes made in the source code within Eclipse can update your model, and your model can generate code directly into your Eclipse project. Poseidon's familiar and intuitive interface is included to dramatically shorten the learning curve.


Poseidon for UML is constructed in a highly modular way and additional features can be purchased from our technology partners and added by introducing new modules as plug-ins.

Licensing Options

New licensing options give you new ways to effectively maximize your investment. Single user licenses are perfect for those needing an 'always on' solution, while concurrent licenses allow colleagues to share licenses in environments where the software use is staggered. Flexibility is key - concurrent licenses can be checked out for offline users, and licensing schemes can be mixed and matched to suit your situation.


Professional Edition

  • Round-trip engineering for Java.
  • Full access to template-based code generation for C#, C++, CORBA IDL, Delphi, Perl, PHP4, SQL DDL, and
  • Visual integration into the Eclipse IDE
  • JAR import to include existing libraries
  • Import of Rational Rose files (.mdl)
  • Automatic class diagram layout

Standard Edition

  • Reverse engineering for Java
  • Plug-in mechanism to load and unload plug-ins from our technology partners, even at runtime
  • Flexible printing with fit-to-page and custom multi-page print
  • UMLdoc documentation generation into HTML and Word 2003
  • Support from the Gentleware help desk via email

Community Edition

  • Code generation for Java
  • Fully implemented in Java, platform independent
  • Supports all 9 diagrams of the UML
  • Saving format compliant to the UML 2.0 Diagram Interchange Standard
  • Supports XMI 1.2 as the standard saving format. XMI 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 can be loaded
  • Advanced printing options
  • Supports graphic formats gif, ps, eps, svg, wmf, jpg, and png
  • Internationalization and localization for English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, and Chinese

Need more functionality?

The Embedded Edition offers features such as:

  • Collaborative modeling environment based on a client-server architecture
  • Exclusive locking of model parts and detailed conflict checking
  • Server-based project handling
  • Instant messaging features for client-to-client communication
  • Secure transmission of files between clients and server using SSH
  • Easy installation process for client and server

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